Analogy to Understand How Hemispheres Work

A simple way to understand how both hemispheres in the brain work as a team to reach common goals is through "father and son" analogy, in which a father is guiding his son, who is driving a car, to reach a destination.

Father and son analogy explains how human brain hemispheres work together as a team to reach common goals

The son is good at thinking logically and executing efficiently, as he is young and physically fit. He avoids people crossing roads, diversions, etc., and follows traffic lights on his own, but consults his old father, who is not as physically capable but possesses wisdom derived from decades of experience of city roads (for traffic trends, dangers, shortcuts, etc.), about which path to take in order to reach the destination.

The way the son avoids people crossing roads, diversions, etc. and follows traffic lights on his own, the left hemisphere executes such repetitive and preset tasks on its own. The way the son consults his father for navigation, the left hemisphere consults right hemisphere when judgement is to be made on how to interact further using past data from its database.

EXTRA: Basis of Consciousness

Basis of Consciousness

Computer analogy for consciousness explains why consciousness emerges in the human brain

In waking state, the left hemisphere uses its parallel processing capability to filter out all interactions that are repetitive, condition based and genetically programmed (all of which are preset interactions), as they don’t need past data from the database. Interactions requiring random decisions are also processed by left hemisphere for the same reason. Rest of the interactions are sent to the right hemisphere (as they may require power of making judgments for further interaction using the database manager, as mentioned earlier) and flagged as conscious, which is analogous to a computer monitor displaying information that may require decision making for further interactions (rest of the information being processed by the computer is analogous to unconscious processing in the brain).

The same is the basis of human consciousness (more here) and the reason why waving your hand repetitively in the exercise mentioned earlier made the process unconscious (i.e. not flagged as conscious). ...less

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